Ministers Shout Out As Chapel Is Transformed Into Dance club (Photograph)

Church pioneers have regretted over the unethical exercises going on in the zone where their asylum is found, which constrained them to forsake their Easter exercises.

The Methodist church is situated on the Obomeng High Street, which is the focal point of the Easter festivals on the Kwahu Ridge in Ghana where the greatest of road jams occur with mixed refreshments, foul style and every one of the things that Christianity disapproves of.

This Easter season, with the nonattendance of the assembly, Kasapreko, makers of Alomo Bitters transformed the uncompleted church incorporating with an “Alomo Village” which housed a bar, a fufu joint, a live band field (amid the day) and a dance club.

At the point when The Mirror paper reached, the Administrator of the Nkawkaw Diocese of the Methodist Church, Very Rev. Daniel Agyei affirmed what he depicted as a stressing circumstance.


“In our chapel at Obomeng, we are unable to even attend church service because the whole premises has been taken over by traders. “Unfortunately, things they are trading in like wine and alcoholic drinks are contrary to the occasion we are celebrating,” he said.

He said the congregation throughout the years had not demanded taking the structure from the merchants in light of the fact that the environment was not helpful for love and the congregation was not intrigued by an encounter.

Very Rev. Agyei, who is additionally the Circuit Minister of the Obo Circuit of the congregation, said the congregation would need to finish its structure and fence it to avert the dealers and organizations that transformed it into an exchanging focus amid the Easter merriments.


“Easter is an occasion for people to reflect on their lives and compare it to how God expects us to live according to the way Jesus Christ came to show us,” he said.

He communicated worry about the abnormal state of depravity that had progressed toward becoming related with Easter festivals and encouraged youngsters to possess energy for God as opposed to the unnecessary joy they looked for


“Sometimes it looks as if we are rather teasing God about what He has done for us through the type of negative things we do during Easter. Poor dressing to expose ourselves and taking in so much alcohol and engaging in illicit sexual behaviour at such a time, I don’t think it is the best,” he said.

The pastor said such had been the impact of the mainstream festivities that the Local Council of Churches was constrained to hold its shows seven days before the Easter.


“The way people are into these secular activities, if you put the crusade on the same day it will not work. So you do it a week earlier to sensitise the people to the fact that they should be careful of these things,” he said.

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