Regina Daniels Pregnant, She’s 4 Months Gone!

Regina Daniels is supposedly 4-months-pregnant for her supposed extremely rich person spouse, Ned Nwoko.

This is coming after the entertainer was reputed to have married the Billionaire Lawyer.

This is additionally coming after she shown up with him in Delta state.

Peruse Below the report:-

In a restrictive report, uncovered the wellspring of youngster entertainer, Regina Daniels abrupt riches just as her inevitable mystery marriage to Honorable, Prince Ned Nwoko, it turned into a web sensation…

Be that as it may, being the first wellspring of the story, we can again definitively say at this very moment that there is more where that originated from.

Addressing e-NIGERIA! solely amid the end of the week, a family source implied that 18-year-old Regina Daniels who just got snared to her 59-year-old sweetheart, Ned nwoko is as of now 4-months pregnant.

Regina Daniels Pregnant

Buttressing further, the source uncovered along these lines, “in addition to the fact that she is pregnant, for the time being, Regina Daniels remains Ned Nwoko’s most loved spouse, with boundless access to his most costly autos, houses, just as his personal jet which she shakes about.

None of Ned’s spouses nor mistresses are said to approach his Rolls Royce (esteemed at over N100 million), his costly Ferrari, his personal jet just as his most recent conveyance; a Mercedez Brabus with an Abuja number plate, YAB-486 BH aside from Regina”, screeched our source.

Moreover, e-NIGERIA! likewise assembled that, in front of her child conveyance, Mr. Nwoko has additionally procured a house for Regina in a yet to be revealed area in London.

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