A Nigeria Lady Has Disclosed How She Seduce A Young Handsome Rich Guy

A woman has recounted to the narrative of how she got asked out by a person after she dropped her number on his vehicle’s windscreen.

A Nigerian woman has shared on Twitter a humorous anecdote about how she shot her shot at a person. The experience she described has made many respond.

The woman named Onyinye on Twitter said she thought of her number on a bit of paper and slipped it on the windscreen’s wiper of an attractive man’s vehicle.

As indicated by her, she had met the man quickly and he had communicated enthusiasm for her. Yet, because of the conditions under which they met, she couldn’t see him once more. This made her make an uncommon stride so as to guarantee a date with the youthful, fine man.

Onyinye proceeded to portray the fallout of her fearless activity. As per her, he asked her out inevitably and they had a radiant time together.

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