This Excellent Youthful Nigerian Woman May Be Executed In Saudi Arabia (Photographs)

Zainab Aliyu, a guiltless looking woman has been blamed for dealing medications to an Asian nation from Nigeria.

Zainab Aliyu, an excellent undergrad and a casualty of trick by a medication cartel at the Kano Airport, is by and by being kept in Saudi Arabia for medication related offenses

Zainab is chilling in a Saudi Prison. It was as of late found that she was surrounded by some medication Cartel in Kano Airport. The claims of Zainab Aliyu entering the Arabian nation with Tramadol has been found to be outright deception as ongoing occasions and captures have affirmed the young lady’s blamelessness.

Individuals are not requiring the arrival of Zainab Aliyu with the goal that she won’t be executed in Saudi Arabia. The punishment for medication dealing in Saudi Arabia is passing.

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