2face Idibia blames COSON for debasement, says ‘its criminal for the body to request and gather eminences for the benefit of individuals’

Nigerian music legend, 2face Idibia today took to Instagram to blame the Tony Okoroji drove COSON for defilement.

2face in a lenghty post composed, ‘from the figures share as of late, COSON has lost about N250m to the emergency that ejected with the December 7, 2017 sacking of Chief Tony Okoroji as ‘administrator’.

He proceeded to state, ‘the general public gathered N200m not exactly the whole of the earlier year and spent over N50m on claims and office security inside the year. Straightforward consistence with the NCC’s orders or accommodation to the wide call for free review to demonstrate the blamelessness of the chiefs against charges of budgetary wrongdoing may have spared COSON in any event, N230m, that is expecting the review cost N20m’.

To decline issues, the permit wear kuku lapse sef making it criminal for COSON to request and gather sovereignties in the interest of individuals.

At that point today we see this: “concerning the COSON order to carry on its activities … COSON has been guaranteed by its group of legal counselors that with the different issues as yet anticipating assurance at different courts and with the ongoing choices of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, nobody has the ability to singularly stop the tasks of COSON.” “Legal advisors”, “different issues”, “different courts”…because of basic legal review?

Performer work, attorney and police cleave everything wrap up. My kin, no be one shot we wear enter so o? On the off chance that you ask me, na who I go inquire?

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