Blac Chyna and her mum, Tokyo Toni almost get into a physical altercation in film of her new unscripted TV drama (video)

Blac Chyna has another unscripted TV drama titled “The Real Blac Chyna” and clasps from the show catches her getting brutal with her mom.

In a sneak review, Chyna is seen smoking an e-cigarette in her kitchen while having a discussion with her mum, Tokyo Toni. Tokyo discloses to her she needs to see a psychologist and asks her what her concern is. Chyna then discloses to her mum that she (Tokyo) is her concern.

She raised her voice at her mum as she said this and had her turn in her face. This rankled her mum and she cautioned her sternly while reminding her how she raised her alone without assistance and languished over her. Be that as it may, Chyna doesn’t take this well and she requests that her mum go out.

“Escape my home. I abhor you,” Chyna reveals to her mum before heading off to the counter to pick a container which she goes for her mom, however her body gatekeeper holds her back while her mom is escorted out of the house.

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