Syinix Restricted signs Mr. Ahmed Musa as Brand Ambassador

Syinix Limited declared the well known Nigerian football player Ahmed Musa as its image diplomat and propelled Syinix 65″ extra large television at the famous Sheraton Hotel.

Ahmed Musa as an expert football player, plays for Nigeria on the worldwide dimension and Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia, He has achieved a ton of accomplishment on football field, he has countless fans in Nigeria and has a constructive individual picture and great notoriety.

Talking at the media disclosing, Ahmed Musa stated:

“Syinix and I have such a mutual viewpoint , we both trust that innovation should support person and help us have a superior existence , and we as a whole need to do our best to give more individuals a chance to live better.That’s the reason I consent to be a represetative of this organization , I trust we can do some significant things for our reality together.”

He talked about the divulging and Syinix promise to constantly give their sprouting fans what they need and when they need it.

Syinix as a renowned buyer electronic and home machine brand all around, has separated itself from its rivals with its tech, brilliant, sleek brand persona.

This has spoke to its intended interest group hugely and its “Beginning brilliant life” trademark has additionally urged its young fans to seek after better and quality life.

Ahmed Musa and Syinix both have a comparable fan base that are worked to enthusiastically have a superior existence and to advance to transform from a dull life.

A great deal of techniques can be connected to the uprising of Syinix Limited. One of them is having the option to comprehend the buyer request, and after that endeavor to fulfill their intended interest group. Syinix Limited additionally developed to certain essential parts of savvy life and making affiliations with remarkable symbols to push the brands higher than ever.

While both Ahmed Musa and Syinix grow their collaboration in more fields, this news is ready to set off a gradually expanding influence of energy through the brains of youthful family and football fans.

Syinix and Mr.Musa disclosed the new Syinix extra large flat screen television: Syinix 65″ TV and declared the new trademark “greater better , purchase Syinix” together, It would likewise prompt a development in the offers of Syinix items inside the commercial center and an expansion Ahmed Musa’s notoriety.

Ahmed Musa and Syinix, is to be sure a twofold stunning association; vital and well-organized.

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