Previous NFL star Kellen Winslow is sentenced for assaulting a 58-year-old vagrant, faces up to life in jail

Previous NFL star, Kellen Winslow Jr. was sentenced on Monday for assaulting a 58-year-old vagrant in the north of San Diego a year ago, an assault that could see him spend a mind-blowing remainder in jail.

The 35-year-old was likewise sentenced for two offense allegations including two other ladies.

A San Diego County jury achieved decisions on four of the 12 checks Winslow is confronting. Five ladies had affirmed against him at the preliminary. Three blamed him for assault, and the jury said on Monday it was all the while thinking crime accusations identified with two of the ladies. It discovered him not blameworthy of a crime allegation of carrying out an indecent demonstration.

As indicated by the Washington Post, the wrongdoing feelings incorporate one for scurrilous direct, including a 77-year-elderly person at a rec center in Carlsbad, Calif., and one for revolting presentation, including a 57-year-elderly person in Encinitas, Calif.

A large portion of the charges, including the supposed assault of a lady in her 50s come from supposed acts he submitted between March 2018 and February of this current year. After he was captured a year ago, after a lady blamed him for assaulting her while she was oblivious at a San Diego-region party in 2003. She was 17 at the time, and he was 19.

The lady Winslow was indicted for assaulting affirmed that they knew about one another from his experiences with her in Encinitas, where she lived as a vagrant. She said he had helped her with sustenance and money before he lifted her up in his Hummer on Mother’s Day a year ago, disclosing to her he was taking her to have espresso, Washington Post detailed.

“I thought we were going to stop at Denny’s, and he just kept going and going and going and going,” said the woman, identified in court as Jane Doe 2.

After driving her to a secluded place, the woman said: “He held me, grabbed my arm … and said, ‘We’re going to have sex.’ It was painful. I just kept my eyes closed. I was afraid of him. … He was a super big guy. … I just knew there was no way out.”

“He told me if I scream, he’ll choke me to death or murder me — I don’t know what it was,” she said. “I thought I was on my last night.”

Winslow Jr., who was a first-round NFL draft pick and is the child of Hall of Famer Kellen Winslow, could be condemned to three to eight years in prison for his assault conviction, or even face up to life in jail whenever sentenced for all tallies.

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