‘I began dating when I was 14, begun engaging in sexual relations at 16 and got hitched at 18’ – Relationship blogger, Gift Okoro

Relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro has figured out how to recover financially after the epic embarrasment she endured in the long stretch of MAY following her ‘New House’ stunt, where she was gotten out for professing to possess a house that doesnt have a place with her.

In this new meeting with Daddy Freeze, she talked about her initial beginings, how she began dating and met her better half when she was 14.

In her words; ‘I began dating when I was 14, the person I was dating ended up being my significant other who I got hitched to when I was 18. He was 10-years more seasoned than me’.

When asked if they were having sex at that time, she said, ‘yes we were. I loved him’.

You know when we say I was 14, we were under ages, but we were exposed. Back then i used to lie about my age too because i was exposed and looked bigger than my age. So we dated abnd got married even though my parents didn’t want the marriage because they felt I was still very young.

She also revealed that she’s now in a relationship but didn’t reveal further details.

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