She Enticed Me, I Had S*X With Her During Additional Exercises – Educator Says

A 29-year old fashioned instructor, Henry Amaechi, who purportedly laid down with his 16-year old SS1 understudy (name retained), has told the Police that the injured individual went to his home for additional exercises, supposedly enticed him and he was compelled to infiltrate her.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the troubled Amaechi guaranteed that while the additional exercises were going on, she intentionally opened her legs and he was seeing her private part. He was then moved to connect with her in a sex frolic.

He asserted that the injured individual was prepared for the cavort as she allegedly delighted in it and even begged him to wed her. He said he had just guaranteed to get hitched to her while they were in the demonstration.

Amaechi is an optional teacher at a mainstream school in Igando however dwells at Olu Apare Road in Ejigbo, Lagos, where the injured individual allegedly went for additional exercises before the cavort occurred.

She was said to have allegedly tempted the suspect by professing to go to additional exercises after school hours and in the end succeeded.

In any case, the educator arrived stuck in an unfortunate situation after the injured individual missed her time frame and suspected that she was pregnant. She at that point educated her folks that she had laid down with her educator and was suspecting that she was pregnant. She similarly educated her folks that her educator had guaranteed to wed her.

Her dad lost control and went to the Igando Police Division to report the issue. Amaechi was captured and confined for around about fourteen days in the police cell without safeguard.

He was brought to the Ejigbo Justices Court on Tuesday and charged for having sex with the person in question.

He argued not liable.

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