Woman celebrates househelp who graduated with a degree in Psychology

A South African woman, Adri Hugo who couldn’t keep down her happiness, took to online networking to praise her househelp of 8 years who as of late graduated with a first degree in Psychology.

Adri who said her househelp Annamore Mabhii is a motivation to her, further uncovered that she is a mother of three, with her most youthful tyke being just four years of age. She closed her post by uncovering that Anna graduated in the midst of certain difficulties she confronted, which incorporates her child experiencing two noteworthy medical procedures for a cerebrum tumor.

She wrote;

Annamore Mabhii, or Anna, my faithful househelp since 2011, tonight received her ba degree in psychology ba hsss. She is such an inspiration in my life! I have so much respect for her. She is humble, hardworking and conscientiously and treat everyone with respect. She is a mother of 3 and her youngest (NOW 4 years old) has been diagnosed in March 2018 with a brain tumor. He had two brain surgeries and is recovering. In the Middle of these difficult circumstances she still worked at me, took care of her family and achieved her lesson, without complaining one day. May God bless her.


Lady celebrates househelp who graduated with a degree in Psychology

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