About us

Mikson Win Nations, which is popularly known as Mwin Nations was founded in Nigeria on the 27th of May 2017, with the live stage epic drama titled “ORISA” at the matriculation ceremony of National Open University of Nigeria, Kulende Study Centre, Ilorin. Mikson Ajiboye the C.E.O of Mwin Nations was the school Socio Director at that moment. His office as School Socio Director under the students Union Government gave him more zeal to pursue his dream to the achievable point.

“Entertainment is the best medicine to sad state of human” he said. Mwin Nations is interested in bringing smile to your face and to serve you as an ingredient of laughter at every blessed second. You can stay up with Mwin Nations and enjoy MAKE ME LAUGH, that comes to you every Monday, JOURNEY IN THE WORLD every Tuesday, EPISODE OF LIFE (a true life story interview) every Thursday and ASK ME(a street interview that makes Mwin Nations T.V)every Friday on our youtube and our social media platforms.

We can help you promote your music to stardom and pave way for you internationally. Don’t sit and watch, patronize with us and become a star the world is waiting for.

ALSO, for fresh updates on NEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, SPORTS, LIFESTYLE, JOB, EDUCATION, AND POLITICS we are the right choice.